Trader Joe's Limited-Time S'mores Bars Will Keep Summer Going

We may already be well into the summer months, but that isn't stopping Trader Joe's from unveiling even more warm-weather goodies, including a new S'mores Bar. While there are lots of reasons to like Trader Joe's, unique snacks may be the company's signature, with fan-beloved creations garnering tons of online hype and often selling out in a matter of days when they get stocked. 

This summer TJ's has been going hard on the s'mores theme, releasing an ice cream and bite-sized clusters that each combine the classic flavors of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker. Now, for the latest s'mores treat, it looks like the store is going back to basics in the best way possible with a treat built like the kind you'd toast over your backyard fire pit. These treats boast a layer of graham cracker crust on the bottom, a chocolate brownie in the middle, and a layer of toasted marshmallow on top.

The new S'mores Bars  are bought frozen, but meant to be thawed before serving. They come six to a box, and can be prepared a few different ways; either let them thaw for two hours, or get them nice and gooey with a short stint in a warm oven. The treats have already been spotted in some stores, but they are marked as a limited-time offering, so keep an eye on your local TJ's over the coming weeks if you want to snag a box before they're gone.

Trader Joe's S'mores Bars will be joined by some other new summer treats

The S'mores Bars are an exciting new snack, but if you aren't a chocolate and marshmallow lover, Trader Joe's has more in store for you. Another chill summer classic getting the Trader Joe's treatment is the root beer float, which you'll be able to find in the freezer section as Root Beer Float Bars. This frozen treat is a 50/50 mix of root beer-flavored ice pops and vanilla ice cream, served on a stick. Nearby in the frozen aisle you should also soon find Celebration Cake Gelato, a follow-up to Trader Joe's popular Chromatic Celebration Cake Mix from earlier this year. The cake batter gelato base is mixed with sprinkles and pieces of real cake, which sounds like a tasty entry in the ever-expanding birthday cake dessert realm. Like the S'mores Bars, both will be available for a limited run.

If you're a dairy-free customer hankering for something cool and sweet at Trader Joe's this summer, you might have the best news of all. There is a new vanilla-flavored non-dairy frozen oat dessert headed your way, so you can get in on the fun with homemade ice cream sandwiches or sundaes without worry. And for even more good news, this one looks like it's here to stay for a while.