Garnish Your Next Martini With A Hot Dog And Thank Us Later

We knew this headline would capture your attention. Some pretty outlandish food ideas make the rounds on TikTok, and hot-dog flavored drinks land on that list. The surprising combination of flavors works, however, and we're here to convince you to open your mind the next time you want to start stirring and shaking up savory drinks for friends. 

But before you jump, we should note that this drink does not call for plopping a whole hot dog on top of the drink. Instead, you're using the simple elements of a hot dog to garnish the martini. This recipe is summer in a glass and is ideal for outdoor parties, boozy brunches, and picnics in the park.

First, let cherry tomatoes bathe in vermouth for several days to infuse the alcohol with a tangier flavor. The longer the two ingredients are left to acquaint with each other, the more sweet acidity you'll detect in the vermouth. Once your tomato-infused alcohol is ready, you can start mixing ingredients to make a martini that belongs on the menu of your backyard barbecue. You'll need potato vodka, pickle brine, and flavored bitters to make a tasty cocktail that delivers a satisfying mouthfeel. While you're collecting ingredients, you may want to pick up an extra bag of your favorite potato chips to complement this scrumptious tipple.  

Take this drink to the ball game

Potato vodka offers a rich, smooth foundation for this unique concoction. Add the tomato-infused vermouth, pickle brine, and a few drops of celery bitters to your drink shaker. You can also customize your drink with a few splashes of yellow mustard bitters to build layers of flavor. Once combined, shake with ice and strain the drink into a chilled glass.

This cocktail can be crowned with a few drops of sesame oil and a skewer that has been stacked with a halved cherry tomato, cornichon or gherkin, cocktail onion, and slice of a grilled hot dog. If you prefer bacon on your hot dogs, a crispy piece can be a fitting addition to this savory beverage. Consider lining the lip of your cocktail glasses with a DIY everything bagel seasoning blend, a mixture of dried basil and garlic salt, or turn up the savory appeal of this creation with a simple salt rim. This is the kind of drink that not only will end up on your friends' social feed, but will have party guests asking for another round with a smile on their faces.