The Only Starbucks Locations With Pizza On The Menu

For years now, Starbucks has been more than just a coffee chain. It also offers a plethora of caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages like teas and Refreshers, and has been selling food since 2003. For as wide of a variety as there is at Starbucks, the nationwide stores mostly focus on breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and lunch boxes. However, if your dream is to one day try the chain's pizza, you can make this a reality at a few select locations.

Starbucks offers pizza at its U.S. Reserve locations in Seattle, Chicago, and New York. Each Starbucks Reserve location, except Greenwich, boasts the full selection of U.S. Starbucks pizza flavors, including the summer seasonal flavors, sausage and grilled peppers, and zucchini with burrata with tomatoes, as well as staples such as salame piccante with dry-cured Italian salami, Margherita, and funghi with fresh mushrooms and fontal cheese. There is also the option to add a hot honey drizzle for $2 to any pizza. Prices vary by location, ranging from $8-9.50.

Starbucks' pizza features focaccia from an Italian baker

Even at the Reserve locations, Starbucks pizza is a more recent offering compared to how long the chain has been selling food in general. Slices initially launched in 2017 through a partnership with Princi, an Italian brand that started as a bakery in Milan in 1985. Now, Princi has establishments in London and Kuwait, in addition to selling its food out of Reserve locations in the U.S., Milan, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Its pizza is made on a base of focaccia with house made pomodoro sauce and premium ingredients, which the founder, Rocco Princi, finds on his trips throughout Italy. You can easily see the focaccia if you look at Starbucks' slices, since they're rectangular in shape with a thick base.

If you make it to one of the U.S. Reserve locations, there are plenty of treats to try besides just the pizza. You can find sandwiches on focaccia, such as caprese with mozzarella, arugula, and tomatoes, and salame Milano with bufala mozzarella. Plus, you'll see Princi® Brioche stuffed with smoked salmon and cream cheese or prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano. Princi also makes an appearance in the Panzanella Salad at the Sodo Reserve Store, which features a loaf from the bakery along with tomatoes, basil, buffula mozzarella, red onion, and Taggiasche olives. So, while most stores sell the same old breakfast sandwiches and iced lattes, you can find a more in-depth culinary experience by trying the pizza (and other Italian menu items) at Starbucks' Reserve locations.