Breakfast Cereal Is The Easy And Fun Way To Decorate Your Next Cake

You certainly don't need to be a professional to bake a cake that is worthy of an Instagram post. With a bit of culinary creativity and a touch of childlike whimsy, you can turn your freshly cooled cake into a masterpiece using your favorite cereals. Though the combination of cake and cereal may sound surprising, the visual effect is an impressive one that will leave dinner guests marveling at your decorating resourcefulness. 

The world of cereals offers a variety of shapes, colors, flavors, and textures to explore, so you won't soon tire of this quick hack. After covering your cake with a substantial layer of frosting, you can press the cereal pieces lightly onto the cake's sides to create uniform designs or simply sprinkle cereal on top of the surface. The sprinkle-bath technique can also apply here, as you can submerge a frosted cake into a bucket of cereal and pull out a cake that you simply can't wait to slice into.

This cake is for kids of all ages

From brightly colored Froot Loops to gluten-free Chex squares, you can go wild pairing the flavors of your cake with your cereals of choice. Line a chocolate layer cake with pieces of peanut butter Puffins or top a strawberry sponge cake with airy Rice Krispies cereal. Lucky Charms and Honeycomb cereals will add a touch of nostalgia to your cake recipes, while simple coatings of Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch can be placed methodically around the edge of your cake to create interesting patterns and designs.

Address your cravings creatively by pairing cereals with colorful sprinkles, or top your cereal-toasted creations with drizzles of chocolate sauce and caramel. From writing messages with lined-up pieces of Cocoa Puffs to showering frosted cakes with crumbles of Corn Flakes, you cannot go wrong when it comes to bringing the sweet, crunchy addition of cereal to your homemade cakes. The major challenge here is to refrain from mindlessly snacking on cereal bites as you decorate baked treats.