A Fun 'Sprinkle Bath' Will Create Dazzling Cakes Every Time

If you're a creative baker who appreciates the pleasing aesthetic of treats covered in colorful sprinkles, we a fun decorating hack for you. Instead of dripping the whimsical candied sprinkles across the surface of your cakes by hand, consider bathing your next culinary project in a bowl filled with the colorful decorations. A bath of sprinkles will eliminate the need to coat and press sprinkles into the sides of your cupcakes, and you'll pull out an evenly coated treat that is not only impressive to look at but also to serve. 

You'll need a container much larger than the project that you have in mind and enough sprinkles to submerge your frosted treats, but the satisfying result is sure to be worth it. Should you not have a bowl or bucket large enough to fill with packages of sprinkles, you can try a sprinkle bath for a more manageable project. Glazed homemade donuts and vanilla buttercream frosted cupcakes can be easily placed into a smaller pail filled with sprinkles, and the vibrant pieces will easily stick to the surface you've created. Simply press the sprinkles lightly into the sides of your sweet creations to fix and get ready to present an Instagram-worthy dessert to the guests gathered at your party. 

A party for both eyes and mouth

To maximize the visual effect of the colorful bath of sprinkles, be sure that the entire surface of your baked goods is fully covered in frosting or glaze. Spread an even foundation for the sprinkles to stick to so that a pretty coating is pulled out of the sprinkles-filled bucket. You may need to submerge your cakes once or twice for the best result. Set down pieces of newspaper or plastic beneath your sprinkle bath for easy cleanup so that you can enjoy giving your sweets a colorful, sugar-coated bath with reduced stress about creating a mess in your kitchen.

Make your own sprinkles to create a decorative spa-like experience for your cakes, or buy extra packages from the store for an easier set-up. The little ones in your family will appreciate helping you with this hands-on task, and both the process and final result will be a party for your social feeds and your stomachs.