Trader Joe's Sushi Is Making A Comeback But Fans Aren't Too Excited

As one of the most beloved grocery chains, Trader Joe's releases are often met with fanfare and anticipation. Whether it's a new spin on an old classic like Everything But the Bagel Cheddar Cheese, or the return of a favorite product, fans are usually eagerly waiting for the product's arrival — unless that product is sushi. The retailer is bringing back its sushi rolls, but some customers couldn't care less.

Trader Joe's doesn't shy away from stocking international foods and they often reproduce them well. A good amount of the Japanese foods from Trader Joe's are quite good; according to shoppers, however, the chain missed the mark on one of the most popular Japanese offerings. Per Trader Joes Talk on Instagram, the retailer is set to re-release its California rolls and vegetable rolls, much to the chagrin of the chain's fans and former employees who went online to disparage the sushi, wondering why it would be brought back.

One Redditor hoped for a better product, asking "I wonder if it's a new kind or the same nasty kind as before?" A former TJ's employee mentioned how they've been disappointed in the product for some time, saying "I worked at a Trader Joe's for a few years when the original sushi was on the shelf. It was the only product I've refrained from endorsing." The product has been a part of Trader Joe's repertoire for at least five years; still, customers continue to be let down by it.

Why don't customers like Trader Joe's sushi?

With a commenter noting that they'd rather eat warm gas station sushi than the Trader Joe's rolls, one can only imagine just how bad they are. On the surface, they have all the markings of standard sushi: The California roll contains imitation crab meat, avocado, and cucumber while the vegetable roll has a near-identical make-up, swapping the imitation crab meat for carrots instead. However, it's the way the sushi comes that customers seem to have a gripe with.

A common sentiment shared by fans is how the sushi would be better off were it made fresh. With ingredients like cut cucumber and avocado, the texture quickly deteriorates in between the sushi being made and when it reaches store shelves. Additionally, some customers think the rice is simultaneously dry and overly-sticky. All in all, customers find that the TJ's iterations pale in comparison to grocery store sushi rolls. While the product is refrigerated, the view of it is akin to soggy defrosted frozen sushi, and even that is a stretch. Although there are a good number of frozen sushi products that are far from terrible, Trader Joe's rolls don't seem to fit into that exceptional category.