You Don't Need Freezer Molds To Make Ice Pops. Try This Clever Cup Hack Instead

When hot temperatures roll around, few quick snacks are as satisfying as something ice cold. Making your own ice pops puts both flavor and appearance into your own hands. Select seasonal ingredients to match your summer whims and adorn pieces with your preferred layers of peanut butter, chocolate, or Nutella. Should you not have popsicle molds at the ready, fear not. With a bit of culinary resourcefulness, Instagram-worthy treats can be yours to consume and display with pride. 

The plastic party cups you have left over from last weekend's backyard barbecue are the tickets you need to create pretty ice pops. Regardless of the size of the disposable cups you have on hand, you can fill the bases with your flavors of choice, insert a popsicle into the mixture, and freeze to enjoy later on. Should you not have wooden popsicle sticks at the ready, the cups provide a convenient container to spoon into these solid sweet icy creations when cravings strike.

A summer treat with endless possibility

Use the shape of the disposable cups to your advantage by placing pieces of fruit into the bottom of each cup before filling the container with your chosen mixtures of juices, milks, or soda. Consider making a variety of flavors in one batch so you have a sample of tastes to try. Line the cups with drizzles of mixed berry coulis before pouring in mixtures of fruit and cream, and layer ingredients so that once the treat is removed from the cup, you have an attractive popsicle to enjoy. 

Alternating tiers of homemade crunchy granola, yogurt, sliced fruit, and chocolate chips can be placed methodically into cups, or turn your popsicle-making efforts into a more artistic affair by creating ombré designs. This colorful gradient can be achieved by freezing layers of ingredients at different intervals. You'll need some patience, but the impressive result will be worth it. 

Top finished frozen pieces with added swirls of caramel or chocolate sauce, or garnish your homemade ice pops with crushed nuts or colorful sprinkles. Customized to your liking, these good-looking homemade creations may give your favorite store-bought popsicle brands a serious run for their money.