Why The Location Of Your Portable Pizza Oven Matters

The invention of portable pizza ovens has made it easy for even humble home cooks to perfect their homemade pizza game. Most of these devices look like swanky kitchen appliances and have the ability to reach high temperatures to heat or cook pizzas in a jiffy. Because the appliances are rather user-friendly and can be used for far more than just slinging pies, you might think you can plug it in anywhere — but there are careful factors to consider when it comes to where to store the portable pizza oven for both safety and efficiency.

Perhaps the biggest consideration of where to store, and use, your portable pizza oven is whether it's safe to use inside. Many of these ovens are advertised as outdoor pizza ovens and cannot be used indoors — even if they fit on your counter. For example, the Pi Prime manufactured by Solo Stove uses a propane tank and must be used outdoors. These days, however, there are pizza ovens from brands like Ooni that work indoors and outdoors. Then there are smaller, apartment-friendly options like the electric-powered Ninja Woodfire Pizza Oven.

If you're in the market to buy an at-home pizza oven, the first consideration is its placement. Do you have ample outdoor space? Does the model work indoors if you don't? And if it does, how much counter space will it consume? Even with the answers to those questions, there are more things to consider on where to keep it.

Give the portable pizza oven ample space to function

Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor pizza oven, it's essential to provide ample space around the appliance. These portable ovens reach extremely high temperatures up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit so there needs to be space to ventilate and not cause fire hazards. The preheating can take up to 30 minutes, and while you'll want it to reach its peak temperature to make a crispy pizza, you don't want that process to impact other appliances or for a child, pet, or unassuming adult to get too close. Check out the requirements for your specific device, but expect to have at least one meter, or about three feet, of space around the larger pizza-making machines. The smaller the oven, the less space it should require.

It's important to read the instructions with your specific oven (even with our advice). For example, it's best not to store or use a portable pizza oven near any flammable objects, especially if your pizza oven uses gas. The portable oven must also be placed on a sturdy and level table or other surface for safety.

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