Give Rhubarb The Savory Treatment By Turning It Into Salsa

What if we told you that rhubarb is great in many recipes, not just jams and desserts? As marvelous as it is in sweet treats, this candy-pink stalk veggie can also make savory dishes better in an instant. At the top of the list stands salsa, a simple yet versatile and delicious classic. This Mexican staple is as familiar as can be, but with rhubarb in the mix, you might find it refreshingly enjoyable.

Despite joining a kaleidoscope of flavors in salsa, rhubarb still manages to stand out spectacularly. How could it not when this vegetable is already so unique on its own? Distinctively tart and bright with just a subtle hint of sweetness, it plays a complementary role to the salsa's tangy, savory taste. As everything comes together, your rhubarb salsa will transform into a more gratifying, diverse rendition of the traditional tomato-based one. Yet, underneath all the new twists and changes, you'll still get the signature vibrancy that salsa is known and loved for.

Where texture is concerned, salsa brings a fun crunchiness to the blend of tender veggies and fresh herbs. This juxtaposition isn't much, but it takes the eating experience up a notch. As the flavors slowly unfold and are enhanced by this textural interplay, you'll be surprised by how much more enticing the salsa becomes.

Many ways to get creative with rhubarb salsa

Raw rhubarb, while edible, can be unpleasantly bitter to some, so consider quickly blanching or sauteing it with sugar beforehand. This also softens it a little, so the pieces aren't overly tough when you bite into them. Once you've done that, simply add the diced rhubarb to the remaining ingredients and proceed as usual.

Not much else has to change. Regular salsa staples such as tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeños, red onion, and cilantro can all join the party. We also can't forget about lime juice, either — its zesty brightness ties the range of ingredients together. You can even mix in brown sugar or honey to match rhubarb's hidden sweet tone. When summer's around the corner, throw in some pineapple, strawberries, or peaches for a colorful, sweet-tart twist. Better yet, go for a full-on mango salsa to enjoy that tropical goodness.

Much like regular salsa, rhubarb salsa is also quite versatile in serving methods. Needless to say, it's undeniably scrumptious when paired with tortilla chips. Scooped into fish tacos, it brings an explosive burst of flavors that taste like sunshine on your palate. Over toasted bread with perhaps a layer of ricotta cheese or mashed avocados, it makes an excellent breakfast or brunch food. And as always, alongside other hearty Mexican main courses, it's the perfect companion.