How To Elevate Store-Bought Burger Buns With Cheese And Herbs

Those boring-looking burger buns you picked up from the store don't need to be served as disappointing enclosures for perfectly cooked meat. With a bit of intention, you can reinvent any plain bun into something a bit more gourmet — even to the point of fooling dinner party guests into believing you made the hamburger buns from scratch. From adding sesame seeds to the top of each bun to brushing the bread pieces with roasted garlic compound butter before toasting, we have plenty of ideas to help you give those buns an upgrade. Two of our favorites? Adding sprinkles of cheese and flavorful herbs.

Think of your bun as a base for your favorite ingredients and top the pieces with shredded cheese and sprinkles of basil and thyme. A quick toast or oven broil can help bring your chosen flavor combinations to life before you set cooked meat patties inside. If you're a fan of homemade garlic bread, these herby burger buns could be a game changer when it comes to your usual hamburger preparations.

A quick ticket to Flavortown

Just because you are running short on time doesn't mean your meal needs to be short on taste. Experiment with using different kinds of cheese to top your bready burger crowns. From shavings of parmesan to crumbles of goat cheese, the quick addition can easily elevate pre-packaged buns. Keep an eye on the upgraded buns as you toast them to golden perfection, as you don't want your additions to burn by way of your chosen cooking method.  

Once you've identified the kind of cheese you want to bite into, season the buns with flaky sea salt and fresh ground pepper, or give burger buns a touch of heat with red pepper chili flakes and smoked paprika. Your favorite chili crisp brand can be spread on top of plain buns you picked up from the store and toasted before you serve up a drool-inducing combination of flavor and texture. Flavored herby oils can be used as a finishing touch before you pack each bun with a juicy burger patty. The possible combinations are endless, and we are confident your usual backyard burger recipes won't be the same again.