Best Burgers For Summer

Light the charcoal and chill the beer, it’s BBQ season

This summer, take your backyard burger game to the next level. With so many ways to get creative, start by changing up the meat (lamb burgers, anyone?), playing with toppings (why not grill those vegetables?) or even skipping the meat entirely with our unique take on the veggie burger (hello, quinoa).

And no matter what type of burger you're making, Maille's mustards and cornichons are here to seriously amp up the flavor. Try a swipe of Maille's horseradish mustard on the lamb burger recipe below or incorporate their tangy cornichons into the perfect sauce for that salmon burger—or, honestly, any burger.

All that's left to do is pick your favorite burger combination, grab a few friends and get grilling.

Make a Mighty Mayo

Sure, you could use plain old mayonnaise on a burger, but add a little garlic and Maille Dijon, and this tricked-out version is worth the extra effort. Slather mayo over an all-beef patty with grilled vegetables and Maille's cornichons with cayenne chili peppers and it's a home run.

Veg Out

Lighten things up with this veggie burger made from grains and vegetables. The burger gets its meat-like texture from quinoa, while shiitake mushrooms, broccoli and other vegetables give it great flavor. Top with herbs and avocado, and you won't even miss the beef.

Go Greek with Lamb

Lamb is a super-flavorful burger patty option. And this version gets topped with an herbed yogurt and sliced red onions, and finished with a thin layer of Dijon.

Don't Forget the Fish

For a less landlocked burger, try this recipe that puts fast-food fish to shame. Chopped salmon gets seasoned with herbs and capers, then the patty is lightly coated in bread crumbs for that extra crunch. Adding Maille's cornichons with caramelized onions to the sweet pickle relish would make the perfect topper.

Throw a Sausage Party

Taking inspiration from classic Italian American food, this sausage patty gets topped with caramelized onions, peppers and fennel. A bonus slice of melted provolone keeps everything in place. How's that for a burger?