Banana Split Nachos Are The Ultimate Way To Level Up The Classic Treat

Though the origins of the banana split are still hotly contested, one thing is for sure: It is always an appealing dessert. In fact, you'll go bananas for this new way of reimagining the classic treat. That is, banana split nachos. These aren't savory nachos and are leaps and bounds beyond the traditional banana split, taking the formerly spoon-able dessert to a new level of handheld and shareable enjoyment. Consider the fun of a huge plate of nachos but adapted in a format guaranteed to fulfill your sweet tooth.

A classic banana split typically contains a scoop each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream. But with so many interesting and unique ice cream flavors out there, you're free to choose whatever ice cream you like best. In fact, assembling a large plate of dessert nachos together with friends and family before joyfully and messily indulging can be a fun group activity. If you like a sweet-and-salty combo, you could pair standard nacho tortilla chips with all of the usual banana split accompaniments, or you could keep the whole dish in sweet territory by breaking up pie crusts to serve as the chips.

Switching your banana split into nacho mode

There isn't simply one "right" way to make banana split nachos. This versatile concept can be adapted across a wide variety of different styles, flavors, additions, and ice cream preferences to suit everyone's individual tastes. When assembling your banana split nachos, it's best to start from the bottom and work your way up. To house the nachos, a wide plate with some depth to it is ideal to fit all of the goodies inside and spread everything out evenly. While you could turn pie crusts into your "chips," you can also crumble a waffle cone — which can be plain, flavored, or dipped in a chocolate shell — to act as the "chips" for your dessert nachos. Or you could repurpose leftover tortilla chips by dusting them with cinnamon sugar and frying them into dessert nacho chips.

Sizeable chunks of banana are a given since these are banana split nachos. You can experiment with grilling or bruleeing the bananas to add caramelization and crunch. For other fruits, crushed pineapple, strawberries, or even summer stone fruits can add a boost of nutritional value to your dessert. Between a bevy of syrups and sauces, edible glitter or rainbow sprinkles, toffee crumbles, chopped nuts, coconut or chocolate shavings, and of course, a heaping swirl of whipped cream, the choices are truly endless, offering something for everyone.