Wrap Figs In Puff Pastry For A Versatile Party Treat

You don't need much to make an impressively delicious vegetarian dish for tonight's happy hour party. Using only fresh figs and sheets of puff pastry, you'll have the necessary ingredients to put together a quick snack that offers both the texture and taste that will keep your guests coming back for more. All you have to do is mold doughy puff pastry sheets into round orbs to encapsulate fresh figs to make figs in a blanket or create a figgy paste to spread onto flattened sheets. 

Once you've mastered the process, consider upgrading your efforts by pairing figs with cheese — such as goat cheese, Manchego, or Brie — or swipes of honey. You can flavor your recipes to your liking by steering your fig pastry creations into a sweeter lane with sugars and syrups or lean your dish into a more savory direction with fresh herbs and drizzles of tahini. Once baked to golden perfection, these fresh, juicy pastries can be presented as either an appetizer or a dessert paired with scoops of vanilla gelato or homemade Mint Julep ice cream.

How to elevate your figs in a blanket

Whether you wrap the puff pastry sheets into pinwheel shapes or create tarts with layers of puff pastry and sweetened spreads of fig and spices, this is a recipe that can be easily incorporated into party menus. Try topping your fig pastries with shavings of dark chocolate or caramelized onions to crown recipes made with ricotta cheese. First, follow these tips for selecting the freshest figs. If you can't find fresh figs at your local market, you can make an apple compote with slices of dried figs and any other fruits that are in season.

Coat the crispy pastries with warm syrup and melted butter to make a sweet treat for cold winter days or wrap the treats in pretty paper to carry along to a summer picnic. Garnish your creations with sprinkles of flaky sea salt, and you'll have a dish that won't soon go out of style. This versatile recipe can also be made in advance and stored in airtight containers to bring to tomorrow's office potluck. Any leftovers can be reheated and served along with morning cups of coffee.