The Nostalgic Drink You Can Transform Into Boozy Summer Slushies

Nothing screams childhood like juice boxes and pouches. If you are a fan of Capri Sun or you happen to have a few boxes leftover from a kid's birthday party that need to be used up, you can transform them into a chilly adult treat, such as a refreshing summer cocktail. Simply put those Capri Sun pouches in the freezer and allow them to turn into ice. It will take around six hours for your Pacific Cooler, Strawberry Kiwi, or whatever your preferred flavor is to freeze. You could also just leave them to freeze overnight or until whatever day you're ready to use them.

After your kiddie drink is no longer in its liquid state, you will then want to take it out of the freezer and allow it to thaw until it has more of a slushie consistency. Cut open the pouch, and next comes the fun part: adding a shot of your favorite liquor to make a boozy Capri Sun.

Capri Suns and booze pairings

You can get creative with your alcohol choices. A little rum should work perfectly with a lemonade Capri Sun. Tequila added to a frozen orange-flavored pouch might make you feel like you're slurping a tequila sunrise while a shot of vodka in a passion fruit mango Capri Sun may resemble a riff on a frozen porn star martini. And don't forget the fruit punch Capri Suns. This flavor can become a frigid version of grown-up jungle juice with the addition of a little vodka, some raspberries, and an orange wedge.

When selecting your Capri Suns for this boozy concoction, you want to avoid those flavors that are sweetened with stevia. Sugar lowers the juice's freezing point and affects the way ice crystals form, which can impact the texture of frozen items (it helps give ice cream its familiar creaminess, for example). Replacing it with stevia will change the consistency of your frozen Capri Sun and how it thaws. Instead opt for flavors where monk fruit and sugar are used if you're trying to achieve the slushie texture.