The Simple 2-Step Method For Making Boozy Capri Sun

If it weren't so firmly cemented in foodies' brains as a kid-friendly juice pouch, the words "capri sun" on their own sound like the name of a trendy Aperol Spritz-adjacent cocktail. Now, with one quick boozy tip, the beloved Capri Sun can live up to its mixology-minded moniker. This is, dare we say, the ultimate sangria shortcut.

All it takes is a bottle of wine and a bag of frozen fruit. Assembling this user-friendly cocktail is so simple, in fact, that you don't even need a glass. To do it, as shared by a TikTok user named Jodie, simply open the bag of frozen fruit and dump the wine into the bag (plus some fizzy seltzer water if you want it). That's it. Just insert a straw and enjoy a playful cocktail with no dishes to wash.

Any bag of frozen fruit would work here, but if you'd prefer more than one type of fruit in your cocktail, you can also pick up an assorted bag, which is widely available in many grocery stores. Aldi carries frozen variety packs like tropical and mixed berries. To keep this refresher light and sweet in true Capri Sun style, opt for white or fruit-flavored wine. For the fizzy element, you could use seltzer water or up the boozy ante with a spiked seltzer like White Claw or Truly.

Nothing to wine about here

The boozy Capri Sun might be the aperitif you never knew you needed — and a fun way to get creative with adult flavors. Pair Riesling with frozen raspberries or Moscato with frozen strawberries. A blueberry wine and a bag of frozen blueberries would make a playful yet monochromatic adult Capri Sun. If red wine is more your style, you could take a cue from Sangria and pair frozen apple and orange slices with a sweet variety like a Piedmont or Ruby Port.

If you're feeling like a loose cannon, you could even stir an actual Capri Sun pouch into your cocktail instead of (or in addition to) the seltzer. Try pairing the flagship Pacific Cooler flavor with some frozen pineapple chunks and a sweet white. The Original Orange flavor would be great with an orange wine. A Wild Cherry Capri Sun, a bottle of rosé, some frozen cherries, and fizzy seltzer are a mixology match made in heaven.

Rock your next dinner party and set out a cooler full of Capri Suns, a box of strawberry wine, a bag of frozen strawberries, and a sleeve of plastic solo cups. Short on space? You can fill your bathtub with ice and use it as a cooler. Rolling up with this setup is also a killer move for backyard barbecues, summer picnics, and fall tailgates. It's the perfect refresher for hot summer days – or for channeling summer energy during those midwinter blues.