Campfire Nachos Are The Fun And Easy Way To Feed A Crowd While Camping

Should you have many mouths to feed on your next camping trip or are simply craving a satisfying meal that requires little fuss once you've arrived at your campsite, consider adding nachos to your al fresco menu. Making nachos on a camping trip is a simple recipe that can be made quickly in a cast iron pan. Similar to the easy-baked nachos you make at home, pack layers of chips, cheese, beans, vegetables, and meat into a skillet, cover with a lid and let the tasty assembly of your favorite ingredients heat to gooey deliciousness over hot coals. 

Add a sheet of parchment paper to your camping supplies for an ever faster clean-up. Line your pan with a sheet before piling in the assorted ingredients and focus on presenting a perfectly melted dish to your friends and family. Once you are contentedly full of nachos, you won't have a pan to scrub and can simply crumple up the paper for disposal. 

Aim for ease in the great outdoors

Once cooked, you can serve the pan of cheesy, seasoned nachos with warmed tortillas, extra chips, salsa, and guacamole. Season your protein choices before leaving the house so you don't need to tote spice jars to your campsite and make a container of fire-roasted salsa or charred tomato salsa in advance so you have minimal prep work once hunger pangs strike. While you can bring blocks of cheese to shred onsite, you can also take shredded cheese with you to make layering easy. 

Though you may have to do a bit of advance planning to make sure you bring all of the necessary ingredients with you, your foresight will pay off as you and your friends begin to scoop into the hot serving of nachos taken straight out of the campfire. This one-pot meal will be quickly devoured and will turn boring camping meals into something much more appealing to dig into.