Breadcrumbs Are The Finishing Touch Your Pasta Is Missing

One of the easiest ways to upgrade a bowl of pasta is by adding an extra sprinkle of breadcrumbs to your dish as a finishing touch. Piling breadcrumbs on top of a serving of noodles may not be an instinctual culinary move, but once you sample the first bite you'll never go back. The move is slight, but when played correctly, the humble act of adding breadcrumbs to your dish will create a noticeable difference to the taste and texture of your plated recipe. We have the Sicilians to thank for this thrifty move, as pasta ca'muddica has been made with breadcrumbs added to cooked sauces for centuries. 

While you can add raw breadcrumbs to a dish, they have the potential soak up sauce, so unless your dish is extra saucy or oily, top plates of pasta with toasted breadcrumbs and finish each dish with your choice of fresh herbs, shredded cheeses, a pinch of sea salt, or a final drizzle of olive oil. While noodles without breadcrumbs can make for a delicious recipe, the inclusion of buttery, herby breadcrumbs to this pasta e ceci recipe is guaranteed to take tonight's dinner straight to Flavortown.

This dish will have you singing That's Amore

Instead of using plain breadcrumbs to top your meal, take your dishes a step further by adding a variety of flavors to the crunchy garnish. Use a food processor to pulse bread and garlic cloves, then coat the mixture in olive oil before toasting the pieces in a hot pan. Set aside the breadcrumbs as you get to work preparing your creamy saffron butter pasta recipe, and top off each plate with the golden garlic crumbs just before serving.

Toasted breadcrumbs made with your favorite herbs will not only add a toothy snap to your pasta dishes but also bring an extra buttery flavor that will cement this meal in your mind. Experiment by seasoning your next batch of handmade breadcrumbs with red pepper flakes, lemon zest, or a spoonful of chili crunch to provide that unforgettable zing for your next pasta meal. Like parsley? Add it to the crumbs. Fan of bacon? Throw some grease into the pan. More is more when it comes to delicious breadcrumbs, so don't be shy with the butter or spices you use to toast these pasta-topping bread crumbles to perfection.