The Textural Difference Between Chili Crisp And Chili Crunch

If you're looking to add extra flavor and spice to the recipes you make at home, chili crisp and chili crunch can help you bring a delicious textural kick to dishes with as much as a drizzle. Yet when browsing the shelves at your local market, you may be overwhelmed by the options of infused spicy chili ingredients available for purchase. Chili crisp and chili crunch may sound like the same product, but, in fact, the two items present different textures for you to incorporate into your menus.

While both chili crisp and chili crunch may, at first glance, appear to be similar oily-based mixtures of peppers and spice in jars, the inclusion of peanuts, soybeans, and sesame seeds take chili crunch to a chewier level than the crispy spoonfuls of chili crisp. With chopped-up pieces of fried garlic and shallots, chili crisp still delivers flavorful heat, but with less of a gritty texture to spoon into recipes.

Using chili crisp and chili crunch

Adding contrasting textural elements to dishes can elevate recipes, and both chili crisp and chili crunch can help you do so with ease. Both products offer a flavorful ingredient that can perk up dumplings, eggs, fish fillets, and toasted crostinis. The bonus of having both chili crisp and chili crunch in your kitchen is that you can quickly add spoonfuls to soups, marinades, and dressings, or top grilled chicken breasts with a bit of crunchy spice. For those with nut allergies, however, keep in mind that the crunch in chili crunch is often due to chopped pieces of peanuts or seeds. 

If you have dietary preferences you need to accommodate, chili crisp, with its pieces of fried garlic and an abundance of chili flakes, can help turn up the heat of your recipes. Finding both chili crisp and chili crunch a bit too spicy for your liking? You can easily make your own mixture at home.

Making your own chili condiments

Make your own chili mixtures at home by simmering oil with your choice of ingredients. Serrano peppers, shallots, garlic, and star anise can offer flavorful spice to your creations. The idea when making your own chili crisp and chili crunch is to infuse vegetable or peanut oil, then add your choice of seasonings once the oil has cooled. Chili flakes, soy sauce, sugar, and MSG can add flavor to your homemade batches, and you can decide which kinds of peppers to use and how many crushed red pepper flakes to add. Bell peppers can help create a softer, mild chili condiment, while jalapeño and dried peppers can be adjusted to make the chili blend that suits your palate. 

If you'd prefer to buy pre-made ingredients, look for chili crisp and chili crunch in the condiment aisle, or order your favorite label online. Not all chili crisp brands are sold in major markets, so you may need to stock up on the products you love.