Take Your Aperol Spritz To A Refreshing New Level By Making Popsicles

The Aperol spritz is an iconic summer cocktail, but it's no secret that boozy slushies are hot that time of the year, too. Obviously, a frozen Aperol spritz is always an option. Adding in a popsicle, on the other hand, takes this spritz to a refreshing new level. Try making a mix of orange juice, Aperol, and soda water and pour it into a popsicle mold (bonus if you have a fresh orange wedge). When they're frozen, pour a glass of Prosecco and place the popsicle directly inside of it.

Unlike frozen drinks, the popsicle is intended to succumb to the heat. It works like an ice cube to chill your drink, only when it melts down it doesn't dilute it. Rather, with every passing minute, the popsicle imparts it with the flavors of orange and Aperol — making it stronger with every sip. If you're going to be out drinking in the sun, it wouldn't be a bad idea to use the popsicles to chill your Aperol spritz and not just the Prosecco. It will still melt, but if you use it in place of regular ice cubes, it won't get so watered down.

If you really want your spritz to stand up to the heat this summer, you can make a frozen Aperol spritz and — in line with what an expert mixologist says is key to ensuring your boozy slushies don't melt too fast — put the popsicle in the glass with it.

Boozy slushies, meet boozy popsicles

An Aperol spritz isn't the only summer cocktail that could benefit from the help of a popsicle this summer. You can make popsicles based on the recipes of any of the cocktails you're planning to make — be it one of the 13 alternatives for an Aperol spritz or something else entirely. Just take some of the other wine-based cocktails to try this summer, for example, a frozen negroni or a French 75. All you need to do is take the base ingredients — maintaining a liquor-to-juice ratio of 4:1 for optimal freezing — mix them together, and pour them into popsicle molds. Used in place of plain old ice, your cocktails will look and taste good all summer long.

Popsicles can come in handy in margaritas too, where you get the opportunity to add whatever flavors you like. It can be spicy, with the use of de-seeded jalapeños, or fruity, in which case you can go with just about anything — be it watermelon, mango, dragonfruit, or passionfruit. Your best bet is to buy the fruit fresh or frozen, blend it up in a blender with tequila and triple sec, and then pour and freeze in a popsicle mold. If you like your popsicles on the smoother side, you can go the extra step and squeeze the blended fruit through a cheesecloth or sieve. Then, throw a couple of slices of fresh jalapeño or limes into the molds, and you're in business.