The Key To Ensuring Your Boozy Slushies Don't Melt Too Fast, According To A Mixologist

Whether it's a Frosé out of a poolside bar slushy machine or a homemade Crema di Limoncello on the back patio, boozy slushies are hot this summer – and they will continue to be the next, and the next after that. Blame it on the heat if you want, but when the sun comes out and the temperature cranks up, even the most distinguished of drinkers can't resist sucking their icy cocktails up through their straws. Be it a Negroni, Margarita, or a French 75, it's sure to taste better frozen this summer. But that's only if you can drink it before it melts.

Boozy slushies do have one drawback — or maybe two. Aside from the occasional brain freeze, the drink's main caveat works against its very draw: It's the perfect beverage in the summer heat, but it quickly melts in its presence. Some people would tell you just to drink it faster, but those people are obvious amateurs. Day drinking in the heat requires a slow pace. Besides, taking too big of sips will only leave you gripping your temples in pain. 

Never fear, however. Cody Goldstein has the answer. Award-winning mixologist, author, and founder of the Brooklyn-based hospitality group Muddling Memories, Goldstein has the key to ensuring that your boozy slushies don't melt too fast. He told Tasting Table that he likes "to keep [the] glasses in the freezer up until time of service. This allows the glass to retain the temperature for a longer period of time."

More tips for keeping your frozen cocktails cool

That's not all that Cody Goldstein recommends. If it's really hot out, you're going to need reinforcements to keep your boozy slushies from melting on you. But besides keeping the glass in the freezer, the type of cocktail glass you put it in can help, too — that is, if it's one that can fit a koozie on it. According to Goldstein, a koozie will help by not allowing the heat from your hands to change the temperature of the drink as you're holding it. So, it never hurts to bring your own if you have one.

Aside from the freezer and the koozie, Goldstein has another way to ensure that your boozy slushies stay frozen when you're out in the sun this summer. "Another tip is to add just one ice cube into the bottom of the glass before you pour your slushie," he told Tasting Table. Who would've thought it was that simple? Not only can you utilize it when you're serving your frozen cocktails at home, but you can also ask the bartender for an ice cube the next time you order one out. 

And if it's really hot, you can use your koozie, too. That's right. You can use any one of Goldstein's tips on its own, or go all out and use them all together. If you're really serious about your boozy slushies, you can even invest in something like a Yeti wine tumbler to sip your frozen cocktails from.