Here's How To Toast Up More Flavorful Hot Dog Buns

While you can certainly slap a cooked hot dog in between a standard bun that has been toasted on the grill, there's a better tasting way. This culinary hack doesn't take much effort, but the rewards are great and will be instantly noticed upon the first satisfying bite. It's time to turn up the flavor dial on one of America's favorite dishes.

For a tastier hot dog, try giving your hot dog buns a buttery bath before toasting for the crunchiest golden bread. While a solid slather of butter will do, flavored and seasoned butter will take the taste of any hot dog bun to new heights. The compound butters you have tucked away for your fanciest dinners deserve to be smeared onto tonight's hot dog buns, and the easy move will quickly elevate your backyard party into a more gourmet-inspired affair. Pair a chili hot dog with a hot dog bun that has been toasted in a smoked paprika-enhanced butter or add potato chips – one hot dog hack you'll wish you tried sooner – to top off a hot dog that is nestled in a bun that has been toasted to golden perfection in garlic-infused ghee. Once you've sampled this easy boost of flavor, there may be no turning back to boring buns in your hot dog making efforts.

Try new flavor combinations

Match complementary flavors to maximize your favorite hot dog recipes. Nestle a bacon crunch hot dog with creamy slaw into a hot dog that has been toasted in infused olive oil or upgrade a Chicago-style hot dog recipe with a bun that has been toasted in butter mixed with garlic power, sea salt, and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. These kinds of hot dogs aren't served at the ballgame, and your friends will immediately notice the difference. With this kind of flavor combination game running strong, you may even give the famed Swedish-style hot dogs a run for their money. 

After tasting the difference, expand your horizons and toast hamburger buns and breakfast toast in flavored butter. Though this move may sound slight when it comes to kitchen techniques, the subtle act can make a dramatic impact on your meal. The next time you make compound butter, make more to set aside strictly for your bun and bread-toasting endeavors.