The 3 Kitchen Staples Costco Shoppers Highly Recommend

When pondering the best Costco products, you seldom think of parchment paper, foil, or plastic wrap. They seem almost too basic to bring up, but you'd be surprised by how many shoppers find these three worthy of mention — specifically, the Costco versions, not just any old grocery store offering, and their reasons will make you want to grab some for yourself.

Durability was a huge factor behind recommending each of these kitchen staples. The thing with Costco's plastic wrap, foil, and parchment paper is that they come in industrial size. One roll of foil can be 1000 square feet, so you can expect it to last for a long time — 2,353 days in the case of one Redditor, who shared the last of their foil in a post. This makes Costco's foil paper all the more desirable; when you're seconds away from shoving your hearty hamburger casserole into the oven, the last thing you need is to suddenly run out of foil for the cover.

The same applies to Costco's parchment paper. As another Reddit user put it, "Downside is that it'll last forever if you don't cook a lot or find creative ways to use it." We can agree that it's hardly a downside. And as for the plastic wrap, it once "lasted thru 2 marriages, 2 dogs, 3 moves;" now that's endurance — if the longevity of that Redditor's marriages is anything to go by.

Parchment paper, foil, and plastic wrap: The three horsemen of kitchen aid

Many shoppers like that the Kirkland Signature plastic wrap includes an optional slide cutter that prevents any tangling. Even without a dispenser or a plastic wrap gadget, this lets you get clean cuts of plastic wrap. Above all, the plastic itself is superior to that of other brands. One reviewer on Costco's website praised it by saying it's "thicker, tougher, stretches tighter, doesn't tangle as much, and has better clarity than other brands."

Costco's parchment paper is also worth its rave reviews. According to fellow Redditors, the Kirkland Signature parchment is supposedly the best there is for cooking and baking. You can "use [it] many times before disposing," says one Redditor, and the fact that it doesn't curl up is a major plus for any cook who has had to scrunch it up first or use clothespins to keep parchment paper flat.

Although the Kirkland Signature foodservice foil may keep tearing the first few feet, it quickly becomes steady so that you only have to tug at it once and you get a neat sheet. And even though it has gotten progressively thinner, according to some Costco shoppers, the foil is still a solid and sturdy roll that you can mount easily and use while still in the box. Sounds to us like Costco shoppers get the best value in abundance with these three kitchen aids.