Fruity Tea Is The Perfect Summertime Mix-In For Your Sangria

Gearing up to take the party outdoors this summer? You'll need to stock up on your favorite hydrating libations, everything from iced tea to sangria — or maybe, (and hear me out on this one) ice tea AND sangria! I mean, why not? It's gonna be hot, you're gonna be thirsty — who wants to choose? What better way to amp up the flavor of your favorite fruit-infused sangria recipe than with a flavor boost of super fruity tea? Not only will it juice up the taste, but depending on the tea, it may also have added health benefits, providing an antioxidant infusion with potential anti-inflammatory properties.  

While there are plenty of purists ready to argue about the historical tenets of what is really in sangria and point out what iterations are not the authentic aromatized Spanish-origin winey concoction befitting this moniker, the rest of us know better. Fruit and wine (no matter the country of origin or if it is red or white) belong together, especially in the summer. And if we can pump it up to 11 in the flavor department by adding some vibrantly fruity tea — what we call it, is delicious.  

Summertime's sweet with fruit tea sangria

While you may already change up your iced tea with juice or mix up your favorite refreshing red sangria recipe, this hack merges the two for a taste sensation that is next level. Try adding herbal peach tea to this scrummy charred peach rosé sangria or kick things up a notch by using a caffeinated spicy ginger peach black tea, added to fresh slices of white peach and pink grapefruit, a few shots of peach liqueur, and a sparkling Moscato for a summer sangria that's just peachy! Or brew up one of the many new herbal tea offerings with sangria in their names (usually containing things like lemongrass, hibiscus, berries, or blood orange and a range of spices). Add them to your favorite red wine blend along with pomegranate, lime, and fresh mint. 

Don't want to waste time brewing tea? Grab one of Tazo's pre-brewed concentrated iced teas like Watermelon Cucumber and stir it into a summery watermelon sangria or add the Iced Passion version with its blend of hibiscus, cinnamon, and citrus to a light-bodied Pinot Noir along with fresh cherries and juicy clementines. Remember, you're breaking the rules here — the key is to make it your own and take comfort in the paraphrased wisdom of Shakespeare, that by any other name, a rose (or in this case, sangria) is still as sweet.