What To Know About The Secret Flying Dutchman Menu Item At In-N-Out

In this day and age, it seems like every fast food joint that is worth its weight in delectable food has a secret menu. If you're at McDonald's and get a hankering for an ice cream sandwich, you only have to ask for a McFlurry spread between two cookies to try one of the chain's most popular secret menu sweets, per Pop Sugar. And those looking for a new go-to frozen drink at Taco Bell can try its secret Tie-Dye Freeze — which is made by throwing every one of the chain's frozen drink flavors together to create one beverage.

But even in the world of off-the-menu items, there are a few stand-out secret orders that have become legendary. And while the Harry Potter-inspired Butterbeer Frappuccino is one of Starbucks' most uncanny drinks (per Totally the Bomb) and the Quesarito has reached cult status in Chipotle (via Hack the Menu), there is no secret menu item quite as mystifying at In-N-Out as the Flying Dutchman. While the name alone may pique your interest, don't run off to put an order in for the alluring menu item just yet. Because we're going to help you uncover the mystery behind one of the eeriest eats on In-N-Out's secret menu.

The Flying Dutchman is a burger that might as well be floating

Named after the tale of the legendary ghost ship that is said to be cursed to float across the seven seas for eternity (per Marine Insight), the Flying Dutchman lives up to its title. As Hack the Menu explains, this secret menu item is made of nothing more than two In-N-Out patties and two slices of cheese — so it's literally the floating insides of a burger with no bun.

While the concept of this secret menu item may sound a little out of the ordinary (or should we say, supernatural), The Katherine Chronicles noted that this burger makes for a perfect keto-friendly fast-food option. The website stated that due to its lack of, well, every other burger ingredient, a single Flying Dutchman only has 2 grams of carbs while serving up 30 grams of protein.

Both outlets reported that one order of the Flying Dutchman will cost you $2.40. And according to Real Menu Prices, that's about the same price of a regular In-N-Out Cheeseburger. So if you do plan on trying out this phantasmic treat, you'd still be paying as much for one of In-N-Out's most elusive secret menu items as you would for a regular burger.