In-N-Out Secret Menu Items You Probably Haven't Heard Of

There aren't many fast food burger joints that are surrounded by more mystery, praise, and glory as In-N-Out. And a lot of that has to deal with the simple yet magical fact that In-N-Out restaurants aren't flooding the country — though, they could if the owners wanted. After all, the California-based burger chain has expanded into different states over the years. 

Whether you've had the pleasure of biting into a Double-Double or are venturing to this fast food institution for the first time, you might be surprised to learn about its secret menu items. In-N-Out might have a simple menu, but its off-the-menu items bring much added variety to the table. And we're not talking about the "not-so-secret menu" items that In-N-Out features on its website — but, those items might be considered mystical to some since they aren't listed on the actual menu. 

All the same, In-N-Out has a variety of truly secret menu items that will make your taste buds run wild. Here are some In-N-Out secret menu items you might not have heard of before. Order at your own pace!

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman might not sound like a fast-food menu item, but it's all the rage, if you're willing to try it. And, there's actually quite the historical story behind the titular ship name. Yet, we're not talking about sailing the sea here. Essentially, this version of The Flying Dutchman is an In-N-Out cheeseburger without the bun, lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, or onions. Picture cheese between two savory burger patties. Fast food goers might venture to In-N-Out for a fully formed burger, but, let's face it: The actual patty is what keeps the lights on. Add in some cheese, and you have a total winner.

If you desire, you can add additional burger toppings, but why ruin a perfectly good thing? That said, we wouldn't blame you if you order In-N-Out sauce to accompany your Flying Dutchman. If burger patties flooded with cheese aren't your jam, then continue this voyage because there are plenty more secret menu items.

Scooby Snack

Gifted with arguably the best name for a secret food menu item, the Scooby Snack is as simple as it gets. And, it's typically for the hound in your life. This secret menu item is just the — drum roll, please — hamburger patty. That's it. Although Starbucks' Puppuccino (whipped cream in a cup) might get all the attention, surely your fur baby will drop a jaw for an In-N-Out burger patty. The best part? The Scooby Snack is, of course, safe for your pet as it comes unsalted. But, if you want to enjoy a protein-style treat, then a hamburger patty is the perfect low-carb fast food option.

If the server doesn't recognize the name "Scooby Snack," for whatever reason, then you can always simply ask for a hamburger patty with or without the salt. Either way, you and your pet friend are in for a treat with this secret In-N-Out menu item.

Roadkill Fries

Roadkill isn't typically considered an appetizing side or meal — nor is it associated with food safe for human consumption, in general — but, don't let the name fool you: Roadkill Fries at In-N-Out are worth every penny. Picture animal-style fries with hamburger bits on top. Although, depending on which location you order this secret menu item from, it's not out of the question to receive a whole hamburger patty with cheese. This In-N-Out secret menu item is two secrets in one: The Flying Dutchman and fries animal-style meet for one delectable meal.

Unfortunately, not every location will honor your request or recognize what Roadkill Fries are. If that's the case, then you can order animal-style fries (the right way) and The Flying Dutchman on the side. If that doesn't work? Order two hamburger patties with (or without) cheese, then carefully (and professionally) place the burger bits on top of your fries animal-style. It's that easy, and the outcome will be *chef's kiss,* oh, so savory.

Cheese Fries

Cheese fries are the gift that keeps on giving: A mountain of gooey goodness blankets a batch of crispy, salty fries. And now, you can dive into this fan favorite at your local In-N-Out with the request of cheese fries from the secret menu. This item is essential for the simple fact that not everyone is a fan of fries animal-style, which are accompanied by so much more than cheese. Plus, some food lovers want more out of their fries than salt and pepper sprinkled on top.

Out of many of the hidden menu items at In-N-Out, this has to be the most straightforward one to order. Most servers might take a second to comprehend Roadkill Fries, yet cheese fries tend to be universal from a knowledge and deliciousness standpoint. All the same, now you can spruce up your side item for your complete burger meal (or, eat cheese fries as the main course!).

Neapolitan Shake

It's not always easy to decide on which milkshake flavor to order, even when only three options are available. At In-N-Out, customers can choose between a chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla shake (yes, vanilla is a flavor and an appetizing one at that). However, said customers should be excited to know that even the shakes have a secret way to order them: You can opt for all of the flavors in one cup, which is better known as a Neapolitan Shake. Because why settle for one flavor when you can combine them all?

If chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry provide too much flavor for one cup, then you can always mix and match with two flavors. Though, we highly encourage taste warriors to dive into the Neapolitan Shake as it checks all the flavor boxes. This In-N-Out secret menu shake, if nothing else, will help you cool down on a hot summer day.

Root Beer Float

Given it can be argued that In-N-Out has a simplified menu — at the least, it has fewer options than many of its competitors. But, the franchise's seemingly ever-evolving secret menu item is flooded with options. And that takes us to our next dessert destination, the one and only In-N-Out root beer float, which is actually one In-N-Out worker's favorite secret menu dessert items, according to a Reddit AMA thread about the behind-the-scenes of working at the fast food spot.

What's inside the float is simple, yet packs a sweet punch: a vanilla shake with root beer. If you're not root beer's biggest fan, then you can opt for a different type of soda, pop, or however you describe the fizzy carbonated drinks. The root beer float is yet another perfect match made in the kitchen and served best during blazing temperatures. Though, let's be honest: This root beer floats are packed with so much goodness that they can be enjoyed year-round.

Whole Grilled Onion Burger

One ingredient that isn't talked about enough is one of the most underrated parts of an In-N-Out burger: The onions. If you want your onions to really sparkle, then might we suggest asking for a whole-grilled onions for your burger the next time you venture to the drive-thru or walk into an In-N-Out.

How is this different than other burgers? Simple. Customers can ask for grilled onions chopped up or a whole slice of raw onions. But with this secret menu option, you'll get a whole slice of grilled onions. Though this might not sound like a big deal — trust us, it makes all the difference if you're a fan of this fragrant vegetable. Typically, when ordering grilled onions on an In-N-Out burger, they come diced. Naturally, many customers prefer whole slices of onion that are grilled — and that's exactly what this majestic secret menu item entails. Having your burger just right turns a great burger into a perfect one.

Wish Burger

A Wish Burger is the real deal, if you don't want meat on your burger. Basically, this secret menu item is just a bun that's accompanied by lettuce and tomato, though we recommend cheese if you like that kind of thing. If you're vegan, then you can rest assured knowing your Wish Burger will come with no cheese. However, if you want to add more flair, then ordering a Wish Burger with onions, special sauce, and pickles are exceptional options. The more flavor, the merrier.

There are certainly other more adequate vegan and veggie options at other fast food establishments, but if you find yourself in a crunch or venture to an In-N-Out with your friends, it's still nice to know there's an option tailored to you. If your In-N-Out doesn't know what Wish Burger means (the employees might not know, even if the internet does), then simply ask for a vegetarian burger (via The Secret Menus blog).

Doggy Style

Perhaps one of the best secret menu items that might (or might not) exist. If you ask for a Doggy Style burger at In-N-Out, you'll be gifted with a protein-style grilled cheese with fries inside the bun — or, should we say, lettuce? This delicious item is completed with fries (which kind of takes away from the no bun option, but sure), and the specialty sauce.

In-N-Out has a sprawling reputation thanks to its fast service and reliable burgers. Its traditional menu might only have a few items, but, clearly, the secret menu items have come a long way over the years, making this burger joint that much better. From The Flying Dutchman to the Scooby Snack, there's a secret menu item for everyone. Needless to say, your next In-N-Out meal might look a little different — in all the right ways. And who knows, maybe you'll create your own secret menu item?