Crack Into Viet-Cajun Shellfish at Crawfish and Noodles


Crack Into Viet-Cajun Shellfish at Crawfish and Noodles

Crawfish and Noodles
11360 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX 77072

Houston didn't invent the Viet-Cajun crawfish craze, but it's hard to imagine another city embracing it with such fervor. Every spring, roughly coinciding with Lent, it seems all of Houston loses its collective mind in the hunt for crawfish. Nobody rubs their eyes for the better part of a month, their cuticles stained with the spicy detritus of mounds of boiled crawfish. Prices per pound are traded like state secrets, as is the "state of the boil" at favorite haunts. Crawfish and Noodles is always at the top of that list; its crawfish are plump and vibrant, the bath of butter and spices addictive. Hands will be dirtied, heads will be sucked, fun will be had. The blue crabs are a sure bet whether or not mudbugs are in season.

Food Style: Vietnamese

Price Level: $$

Reservations Accepted: No

Atmosphere: Good for a Group

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