16 Best Ingredients To Fill Your Egg Crepes With

Egg crepes are a tasty and easy way to add more protein into breakfast, brunch, and even dinner. Standard crepes — made with flour, milk, and eggs — are known as a brunch food, and are often paired with sweets like hazelnut spread and bananas. On the other hand, egg crepes are considerably eggier, if not made completely of eggs. This might vary based on the recipe, but generally, an egg crepe is made from whisked eggs that are cooked in a very thin layer. 

These crepes will certainly have an eggy flavor, which we considered when compiling what fillings work best for this dish. However, you could choose to only use egg whites for a slightly more neutral taste, or if you don't want to eat the egg yolk. While these options are solo ingredients or pairings like fig and prosciutto, you can always add other fillings. From fresh herbs to mashed avocado, these are the best ingredients for filling your egg crepes.


Egg-based dishes — be they omelets, quiches, or an egg crepe — seem to always have cheese in them. Cheese and eggs make an ideal combination, and you can use any cheese you like. Feta can provide a creamy and salty addition, while a sharp cheddar can impart a pronounced flavor and pop of color to match the eggs. Once heated, mozzarella can provide the taste of a grilled cheese sandwich, but on an egg crepe instead of bread. 

Cheese is a simple choice, since you know that egg and cheese belong together. You might even have cheese preferences for what you like to eat with your eggs, but you can use whatever is in your fridge. Got a wedge of Brie that you need to finish? Slice thinly and add it in even layers throughout the egg crepe to heat up against the warmth of the cooked crepe, so it's slightly gooey. Cheese can also make a great base if you want to mix in any vegetables, like cooked broccoli. 

Chicken and pesto

You can often encounter chicken and pesto in pasta dishes and sandwiches, but you might want to consider it for your next crepe. Chicken pesto omelets are a tried-and-true dish, so an egg crepe is just a different way to enjoy the same flavors. Pesto has a rich and nutty taste because of the oil and pine nuts, but it also has a bit of zest thanks to its lemon juice. If you're not in the mood to make pesto from scratch, you can always add more flavor to store-bought pesto with greens like parsley or spinach, which can provide a balance to the richness of pesto but still pairs well with chicken and eggs. 

Chop the chicken into cubes and mix it with the pesto so that it's thoroughly coated, because you want every nibble of chicken covered with pesto. Tear fresh basil on top of the crepe after folding or rolling it for a touch of green. This mixes the protein of the chicken and the herbal quality of the pesto for a hearty, savory meal that you can have any time of day, from breakfast to dinner. 


Bacon and eggs are a perfect match for all things breakfast and brunch. Fry the bacon, blot the grease, and add it to your egg crepe. Keep it simple with just this duo for a soft and crunchy pairing. Crumble the bacon or leave it in strips, and then fold the crepe in half or quarters. This smoky and salty addition gives an excellent texture to the eggs, which you can pair with everything-bagel seasoning or add cooked hash browns for a fun breakfast. 

If you want to include some vegetables, try onions or leeks for balance. Bacon can go with your egg crepe by itself if you prefer to keep it basic, but you can include just about any other meat, vegetable, and, yes, even scrambled eggs. Swap regular bacon for turkey bacon for a similar effect, or add shredded or sliced cheese for a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich without the bread.


There's nothing quite like having a fresh avocado with eggs. It's an irresistibly creamy, savory combination. Mash or slice your avocado — which contains unsaturated fat, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, and other nutrients — and put it inside your egg crepe. Avocado by itself is delicious enough to eat with the crepe, just as it comes from nature, but you can give it flavor enhancements with salt, pepper, garlic powder, or a squeeze of lime. 

Mash the avocado and fold your egg crepe over it, or show off the beauty of smoothly sliced avocado by gently folding in the edges of the crepe to make it resemble a galette. However, when you want to pick the crepe up in your hands like a taco, mashing the avocado allows it to better adhere to the egg. This is ideal for a quick breakfast or brunch since it requires only a few steps — mixing the eggs, cooking them in a thin layer, and adding the avocado. Give it a spicy zing with red chile pepper flakes or sliced jalapeños.

Tuna salad

Find inspiration from hearty tuna egg salad by spreading tuna salad onto your egg crepe. The combination of eggs and tuna is well-established in a tuna and egg salad, but this particular lunch idea is agreeable if you ran out of bread but want to make a quick and filling lunch with what you have, or want something with less carbs than tuna salad on toast. Make your egg crepes and set them aside while you make a spruced up tuna salad with some extra veggie ingredients like carrot, cucumber, and red bell pepper. 

This added vegetable element brightens the dish while offering more diversity in its ingredients. Place a few spoonfuls of tuna salad into the cooled-down egg crepe, fold it over, grab a fork, and eat. Try a tuna melt egg crepe by adding cheese and an even layer of tuna onto the egg crepe before folding it over and placing it on the pan to heat up. If you're concerned about overcooking the crepe, heat up the tuna salad and cheese separately, then spread it onto the egg crepe.


Whether you're working with meat, vegetables, grains, or myriad other foods, herbs can enhance nearly any savory dish. They add a fresh element, a pop of color, and aroma, particularly when you're utilizing fresh herbs. The world is your oyster as far as herbs go to pair with your egg crepe. Chives, basil, or dill can offer aromatics while contributing to the overall flavor of the eggs. Fresh oregano can be zesty and pungent, while the dried version can be a milder way to season the crepes.

Wash and dry fresh herbs and give them a rough chop, or gently tear them to place on the side of your crepe. Since dried herbs are crispier than the fresh version, you might want to mix them with another element so you're not inhaling dry herb particles loosely sprinkled on the egg. Thinly slice heirloom tomatoes and sprinkle dried herbs on them so they have something to stick to, or opt for grilling sliced zucchini and seasoning it with your favorite herbs before placing it in the crepe. 

Steak and bell peppers

Steak and bell peppers are a filling combination that is delicious enough on its own, but paired with eggs, this tastes like something you'd get at a mom-and-pop diner. This can certainly be served as a morning meal, but you could easily have it for dinner. It has protein from both the eggs and the steak, and then a vegetable component from the bell peppers. Cook your steak to your liking (or use leftovers), and season it before chopping the meat into bite-size pieces or slices. Do the same with your peppers. 

Our tip is to keep everything the same size. If you choose to utilize strips, do so for both the bell peppers and the steak, rather than having chunks of steak and strips of bell pepper. This is purely so that you can enjoy even bites throughout your meal. Season this with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. You could use fresh alliums as well for extra volume and texture — add diced green onion for color, and then place the mixture into your egg crepes. Roll it up so the crepe resembles a burrito, and take a bite. You can also top it with a bit of salsa or hot sauce.

Hummus and falafels

For a meal loaded with flavor and inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, put together egg crepes with hummus and falafels. Make the falafel yourself, or buy a pre-made batch from the store. Assemble falafels in their common ball form, or bake them into patties. Spread hummus onto the egg crepe, and then add the falafels, which you can leave whole or flatten if you don't want the crepe to be too thick. Roll the egg crepe so it resembles a wrap for a delicious way to eat your falafel. 

You can leave your egg crepe with just falafel and hummus, or add lettuce, diced tomato, diced red onions, and a yogurt sauce (like labneh or tzatziki) to bring it all together. This flavor-packed and fresh combination is ideal when you want something exciting for lunch. Drizzle on a bit of tahini for earthy creaminess, or include thinly sliced pieces of cucumber for a crunchy green addition. This meal is rich and filling, while other ingredients bring a balance of textures, like the crisp, potent bite of red onion.

Turkey and mushrooms

Turn egg crepes into a filling dish with turkey and mushrooms, similar to a traditional flour-based recipe for crepes stuffed with spinach, turkey, and mushrooms. Sliced deli turkey can be easy to roll up if you want to vary the shape of your crepes. You could also use cooked ground turkey if you prefer a simple fold for the crepe. Raw mushrooms are a personal preference, but for the best flavor and texture combination, use sauteed, grilled, or cooked mushrooms. Cooked mushrooms are more straightforward to season, since the flavors can be heated and mixed in.

The mushrooms can be folded into the sliced turkey and the crepe itself, so nothing is falling out. You can even roll the crepes to resemble a wrap or burrito. This filling duo is a superb lunch idea that will leave you sated but not stuffed. Much like a sandwich, you can pick other ingredients to include, like mixed greens or arugula, to make it more of a meal. If you have leftover turkey meat from a roast, slice or dice it up for the egg crepe. The combination is delicious regardless of which types of mushrooms you use. 


Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, and iron, so it's a beneficial addition to your egg crepe. Whether you add a pile of uncooked spinach to your crepe or you first sauté it with butter, garlic, and salt, it's a nutritious leafy green to include in your dish. Spinach is versatile and soaks up a lot of flavor from anything you season it with. Lightly wilt the spinach to place in the crepe, or you might feel like switching up the texture by giving it a rough chop, and maybe even sauté the chopped leaves. 

Double up on the spinach by chopping it as finely as you can before mixing it into the eggs to make a spinach egg crepe, and then stuffing it with additional spinach once it's cooked. Mix the spinach with arugula for a fresh salad-like blend, or add lentils for a very filling crepe. Boil and flavor the lentils to mix in with the spinach, before folding it over into the classic crepe shape or rolling it into thin taquito-like treats.


You'll almost always find some fruit or berry element in standard crepes, but since egg crepes are naturally more eggy, the combination might not be particularly alluring to some people. However, a crepe made with egg whites has a more neutral taste, providing a scrumptious way to add stronger flavors like berries and mix up the way you make egg crepes. Separate the yolks from the eggs, then give the whites a brief stir before pouring them onto the pan in a thin layer to cook. 

Use your favorite berry, whether that's strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, or another option. For larger fruits like strawberries and blackberries, slice them into thin pieces. Blueberries and raspberries are on the smaller and softer side, so it's not as awkward to bite into them. Switch up the texture and mash up your berries of choice with a little sugar and cinnamon for a jam-inspired filling. Top the egg-white crepe with honey, maple syrup, or powdered sugar for a dash of sweetness. This is a scrumptious and light blend of soft textures.

Breakfast sausage

Whether you opt for breakfast sausage made with pork, chicken, turkey, or whatever else is available, this is one of the best ingredients to fill your egg crepes with. It's savory and filling and feels like a fresh way to pair the egg and sausage together. There are sausage links and patties, but whichever one you opt for, cook the sausage in a pan as directed until brown. If you're using breakfast sausage links, you can leave them whole and then roll the egg crepe around it like a taquito. 

If you're using patties, it's best to cut them into smaller pieces before stuffing the crepe. This way, you can fold the crepe around it and get even pieces without trying to cut the sausage within the crepe. Add green onions, scallions, or chives for an oniony garnish that adds both color and flavor, or spread on a spoonful of herbed goat cheese for a subtle taste. You can also mix up the taste by using maple sausage or spicy sausage. This can add a layered flavor with minimal extra effort. 

Smoked salmon and cream cheese

The combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese is both savory and satisfactory. While you'll usually find this pairing on bagels, stuffing an egg crepe with this combo can be a lighter way to enjoy it. The egg crepe also has lower carbs and extra protein compared to a bagel. Place the desired amount of salmon and cream cheese — whether you like a thin amount of both or a thick schmear of cream cheese and a hefty pile of salmon, it's totally up to you. Enjoy classic flavors by adding dried dill, red onion, and capers.

Sprinkle everything-bagel seasoning on the cream cheese so that it sticks, or fully blend it into the cream cheese before you spread it onto the crepe. Try a thin layer of cream cheese with the smoked salmon, and then roll the egg crepe tightly like a taquito, or tuck in the edges first so that it resembles an egg roll. 

Fig and prosciutto

You might be used to seeing figs and prosciutto gracing a charcuterie board or a pizza, but this combination is also a unique way to fill egg crepes when you want an adventurous meal. The prosciutto is salty and a bit chewy, while the fig is sweet and almost jam-like. This sweet and salty pairing is popular for a reason; together these disparate ingredients have a harmony that brings symmetry to a dish without teetering in any one direction. 

This duo works well whether you make regular or egg-white crepes, and it provides a luxuriousness to transform even the most boring brunches into something special. Make the egg crepes and place the prosciutto and sliced fig before wrapping. Add arugula and Gorgonzola, or try roasting the figs to upgrade the taste. Serve with mimosas or blood-orange juice for a meal that feels as regal as it tastes. 

Pico de gallo

For a lighter breakfast crepe, eat it with fresh pico de gallo. You can effortlessly make this salsa from scratch with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro, lime, and salt, but you can also purchase it from the store. This refreshing addition is one of the best ingredients for filling your egg crepes because it provides a mixture of flavors, all within conveniently chopped salsa. 

The salsa has a bit of spiciness from the jalapeño and freshness from the cilantro, as well as a pleasant bite from the chopped tomatoes and onions. Everything works together for a perfectly bite-sized meal. Give it more oomph and build the dish even further by topping it with black beans, sour cream, or sliced avocado, or increase the spice level by adding another handful of jalapeño or a portion of serrano peppers. This is a simple, bright, fresh combination for breakfast or brunch. 

Potatoes and onions

A side dish of fried potatoes with onions is often served at cafes for breakfast along with your choice of eggs, and usually some sort of meat. Consider this combination to put into egg crepes. Dice the onions and potatoes and cook them to your liking. For extra flavor, fry them in bacon fat and season them simply with salt, pepper, garlic powder, or paprika. Think of it like a deconstructed potato frittata, allowing you to use anything from yellow onions, green onions, or shallots; each of these provides its own nuanced flavor that can pull your dish together. 

You don't have to leave it at those two ingredients. You can add diced tomatoes, cheese, leeks, bacon, or whatever you like. Stuff and fold up the crepe to enjoy it all as a scrumptious meal. Drizzle ketchup onto the top of the egg crepe as a comforting touch with a savory taste. You could choose to add a vegetable component by mixing in chopped broccoli or shaved Brussels sprouts to cook with the potatoes.