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A cocktail party by mail
The contents of a Julibox

Everyone likes a care package.

But when that shipment comes from Julibox, “like” quickly turns to “love.”

The new subscription service is equal parts party-by-parcel and educational tool. Each month, the company ships a box ($40 for one; $114 for a 3-month subscription) loaded with the fixings (both booze and mixers) for two different cocktails, along with recipes designed by a team of professional bartenders. The kit includes enough to shake or stir two drinks of each recipe, so the box’s arrival is the perfect excuse to extend an impromptu invitation to a friend.

September’s kit was a drinkable ode to summer. Small bottles of Bulldog Gin, Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup and Q Club Soda fashioned a refreshing Ginger Collins, and St-Germain and white wine became a picnic-worthy spritzer.

The recipes are easy to execute, but for those looking to perfect their technique, Julibox just launched a series of videos. Each features the bartenders who created the concoctions.

Down the line, you can visit Julibox’s website to purchase the full-size versions of the bottles in your package.

The postman just became our new best friend.

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