TT Plated: Wine

Give new meaning to wine and dine
TT Plated: WIne
Gewürztraminer-poached pineapple with vanilla ice cream

We’re used to agonizing over what wine to pair with dinner feasts, but now that equation has flipped.

Wine has always played a starring role in our drinking glasses, and now it also plays a supporting role as a cooking ingredient. From Madeira and Champagne to Pinot Noir and Riesling, the flavor notes we prize in the bottle also add depth and flavor to our recipes.

We found ingenious applications of wine in kitchens across the country, from New York to New Mexico (click here to see a slide show of wine dishes).

At Brassica Mediterrean Kitchen & Wine Bar in California, wine is honored in true Napa Valley fashion in a slow-braised beef dish that incorporates red wine, Pedro Ximénez sherry, veal stock and herbs for tender and intensely flavorful meat (click here to see the recipe).

Or take the bottle straight to the dessert course with our recipe for Gewürztraminer-poached pineapple with vanilla ice cream for a light finish to a meal with a boozed-up kick (click here to see the recipe).

Next time we shop for wine, we’ll be sure to buy two bottles: one for the cook and one for the kitchen.

  • Wine: Gwynnett St., New York City

    At Gwynnett St. in New York, crunchy water chestnuts add texture to a creamy salsify soup. The addition of sweet port highlights the savory depth of the vegetables.

  • Wine: The Palace, Santa Fe

    Sea scallops are dusted with porcini mushrooms and served with Pinot Grigio aspic at the Palace in Santa Fe.

  • Wine: Tamarind, New Orleans

    A grilled pork porterhouse is doused in a plum-wine jus and paired with celery root and a crunchy carrot stir-fry at Tamarind in New Orleans.

  • Wine: Wit & Wisdom, Baltimore

    At Wit & Wisdom in Baltimore, the acidity of Bristol Cream—a Spanish sherry—is paramount to this buttery toasted-peanut soup.

  • Brassica, Napa Valley

    A Pedro Ximénez sherry is a perfect match for a rich cut of beef on the menu at Brassica in St. Helena, California. The beef is slowly braised and plated with puréed cauliflower (click here to see the recipe).

  • Wine: Vedge, Philadelphia

    Vedge restaurant in Philadelphia does not serve meat, but including Madeira in its seared-tofu dish creates a more-than-worthy vegetarian stand-in.

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