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If Archie married Julia Child
"Relish" cover and interior

Jughead is no longer the only food-loving comic kid in town. Now there’s Lucy Knisley.

Knisley is the author and star of Relish ($12.50), a graphic novel that is equal parts memoir, cookbook and art book. Her quirkily rendered drawings tell a story of life, family, travel, coming of age and, most of all, food, with gorgeously illustrated recipes bookending each chapter.

The child of food-loving parents, Knisley chronicles her life through eating, from her mother’s stint working at the Dean & Deluca cheese counter to hunting mushrooms in Rhinebeck, New York, and discovering Mexican street food as a teenager.

Through descriptions of chocolate chip cookies and homemade sushi, Knisley shares her memories of growing up on a farm, going to art school and her parents' divorce.

Relish fulfills the lighthearted whimsy that its comic-book format is known for, but still manages to tackle the complicated and emotionally fraught issues of growing up and finding oneself--a challenging balance to strike, and one Knisley does with aplomb.

Finally, a comic book perfectly suited to reading over Sunday breakfast.

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