Mat-zo Fast

Matzo isn't just for Passover
Vermatzah from Naga Bakehouse in Vermont

Let’s face it: Most matzo tastes like cardboard.

But Vermont’s Naga Bakehouse is changing all that with its Vermatzah, an earthy wood-fired cracker ($18 for a box) that we’d happily snack on year round.

The small bakery is on a mission to rediscover and support the growth of local heirloom grains in Vermont by carefully choosing products that best highlight the unique flavor profile of different disappearing species.

In the case of its matzo, those grains are ancient emmer and heirloom Vermont wheat. The wheat lends a nutty bite to the whisper-thin flatbread, while the emmer, rarely used in baked goods due to its density, provides a robust backbone.

Spread the matzo thickly with a creamy cheese for an elegant afternoon snack, or use the Vermatzah as the base for toffee for a seriously delicious meal-ender.

Order Vermatzah by March 23 at to receive in time for Passover. 


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