Not Your Mom's Apron Strings

Hedley & Bennett balances function and style
Hedley & Bennett

It’s no secret that the chef’s uniform, once a consciously blank slate, has become accessorized (see here and here).

We’ll leave the signature footwear to Mario, but we’re happy to jump on the bespoke-apron bandwagon.

So, for a fresh look in our kitchen, we’re turning to Hedley & Bennett, a burgeoning Los Angeles-based apron line from chef Ellen Bennett.

Her line is focused on durability and affordability, two qualities she’s come to depend on in her time as a cook in some of Los Angeles’s top kitchens, including Lazy Ox Canteen and Providence.

But the functional aprons are also incredibly handsome: Bennett, who created the concept in collaboration with Kevin Carney of Mohawk General Store, uses a wide range of fabrics, including herringbone and selvaged Japanese denim.

Choose from one of her ready-to-wear designs at her online shop, or contact Bennett for a custom offering. She can easily add an extra pocket for you to stash your iPhone while in the kitchen or create straps fitted especially for your height.

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