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7 frothy beer cocktails to keep Super Bowl spirits high
Photo: Lizzie Munro/Tasting Table
Beer Cocktails

You and your crew may be a grab bag of die-hard Broncos fans, Cam Newton fashion disciples and pigskin-averse fans of Super Bowl commercials, but there is one thing that will bring all opposing sides together: beer. And lots of it.

Instead of guzzling them down right away, slip your brews into these refreshing cocktails.

Shandy Noir
This effervescent sipper is for all the frazzled hosts out there. All this Italianesque shandy needs is a light beer, citrusy Chinotto and a lemon wheel.

Beer Cassis
Forget fussing with individual drink orders (and picky guests) and stir up one big pitcher of this Byrrh- and cassis-laced cocktail.

Rye Revival
Top off this basil-infused cocktail with Guinness for a malty, warming libation—perfect for frigid living rooms or winter tailgating.

Lighten up the reliable brunch-fueling booze by finishing it with a generous pour, Modelo to be specific. No salt rim necessary.

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Raspberry Snakebite
It's raining lip-smacking lambic with this minty take on the usual cider-spiked snakebite.

Roman Michelada
Balance all the fatty, delicious foods with a little bitter by mixing this take on the michelada, fortified with Campari and Peroni.

Cranberry "Sauce"
Finally, another reason to make more cranberry sauce. This smoky number mashes up the old-fashioned with the boilermaker for a classier beer and a shot.


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