Aldi Is Selling Wine Bottles of Mimosa for Just $9 Apiece

Up to you if you want to make each bottle a single serving
Photo: Aldi

A mimosa isn't the world's most complicated brunch beverage, but the fact that Aldi has managed to take a two-ingredient cocktail and make it even easier to consume has us forever grateful all the same.

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The cult-favorite grocery chain, known for rosé that makes us forget we're on a budget, is now gracing us with 750-milliliter bottles of mimosa that sell for just $9 apiece. All you have to do is open the lid, pour the mimosa into a glass, drink and repeat. (Or, just skip that second step and consume straight from the bottle.)

Since the beverage uses dry white wine in lieu of sparkling Prosecco or Champagne, it clocks in at a neighborly 8 percent ABV, making it perfect for drinking well past breakfast hours.


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