Lunch Revival

Four delicious reasons to leave your desk

We get it: With all those TPS reports piling up on your desk, you're very busy and important. That doesn't mean you can't break away for ten minutes to get a decent lunch--like the boss you are. 

Lucky for you, a bunch of our favorite spots have introduced new lunch plans to suit your particular midday need. 

For wine with a side of food...
Pull up a seat at Charlie Bird.

Daylight turns the bustling SoHo wine den into a relaxed hangout, where you can enjoy a glass (or three) while nibbling on deconstructed veal pastrami and polenta topped with a duck skin-dusted poached egg. Chef Ryan Hardy says of his 15 new lunchtime dishes, "These ideas spoke to a certain style." (Read: not dinner.)

For fast Thai without the takeout...
Hit Kin Shop.

OK, busy professional, just because you've got that 2 p.m. productivity meeting doesn't mean you've gotta skip the stewed goat necks with house-made Massaman curry. Always ready for a quick-fire challenge, Top Chef winner Harold Dieterle has got you covered with his new Express Lunch menu that'll get you out the door in 30 minutes.

Fast food at Kin Shop | Betony chef Bryce Shuman
To feel like Jordan Belfort minus the bad behavior...
Reserve a table at civilized Betony.

Reel in that big fish client (or charm your hard-to-please aunt) with chef Bryce Shuman's greatest hits, now available in the afternoon at an astonishingly affordable price (two courses for $38!). Enjoy that epic roast chicken--and a gorgeous room, and a manageable sound level--without the truffle price tag.

To prepare for an afternoon nap under your desk...
Go big at RedFarm UWS.

After feasting on great dim sum (try the pork-and-crab soup dumplings) and heartier dishes like grilled prime rib steaks at RedFarm's new Upper West Side location, you may have to block out the rest of your calendar. Better yet: Bring your boss to ensure a companywide coma.

Charlie Bird 5 King St. New York NY 10012 212-235-7133 Kin Shop 469 6th Ave. New York NY 10011 212-675-4295 Betony 41 West 57th St. New York NY 10019 212-465-2400 RedFarm UWS 2170 Broadway New York NY 10023 212-724-9700


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