The 10 Best Burgers in NYC

Team TT's favorite patties from Brooklyn to the UES

We love all kinds of burgers--from squishy fast-food styles to thick bistro beasts--but they've got to have a deep, beefy flavor and good bread that gives way to fresh, thoughtful toppings. Here, in no particular order, are our 10 favorites to eat right now:

? Whitehall in the West Village
This burger ($18) comes with some bonus Australian-style ingredients layered on the caramelized onions, cheddar and thick, juicy puck of meat: pickled beets and an over-easy egg with a nice runny yolk. Messy, but worth it.

? Minetta Tavern in Greenwich Village
The Black Label Burger ($28) is a celebrity among hamburgers, and it rose to fame for a reason: The funky dry-aged meat, griddled with clarified butter, is without equal. The crunchy caramelized onions are divine.

? Blue Collar in Williamsburg
Our vote in the fast food-style category is for the squishy, satisfying burger ($4.50) at this tiny Brooklyn joint. It's layered with tomato, lettuce, white onions and of course, a sticky slice of American cheese. Best eaten immediately.

? Costata in Soho
We forgive the square bread on this delicious, lunch-only steakhouse burger. The excellent White Label Burger ($19) is built with McClure's pickles, American cheese and a smear of bacon marmalade.

? Lafayette in Noho
This Frenchified cheeseburger at Andrew Carmellini's bistro involves a thick, juicy patty of brisket meat and comes with melted Raclette and caramelized onions ($19). It's only available at lunchtime, so treat yourself.

? Montmartre in Chelsea
Michael Toscano's dry-aged brisket and short rib burger ($19) is a rich and superb sandwich of crusty pain au levain draped in a cheesy conconction that involves reduced Béarnaise, tarragon, creamed spinach and sautéed onions. 

? J.G. Melon on the Upper East Side
The NYC institution still serves a fine burger ($10.25). It's a classic, made with onion and pickles on the side, thank you very much, and a plain bun. No need to mess around with a good thing.

? Rosette on the Lower East Side
Housemade pain au lait bread sounds fancy, but it's soft like a burger bun should be. It sandwiches a dry-aged beauty grilled in beef fat, a confit tomato slice and aged cheddar with tons of umami ($17).

? Petey's Burger in Astoria
Until we New Yorkers are afforded our God-given right to an In-N-Out Burger, this Queens spot will have to do. The super soft bun with a thin patty, melted American cheese and lettuce that's never wilting ($4.50) is everything a fast-food-style burger should be.

? Diner in Williamsburg
Of course, Diner's meat is 100% grass-fed beef, ground fresh each day at the butcher shop next door. The crunchy pickles are made in house. The buns are straight from the spectacular SheWolf Bakery. The burger ($15) is also expertly cooked, perfectly charred and full of flavor.

Whitehall 19 Greenwich Ave. New York NY 10014 212-675-7261 Minetta Tavern 113 Macdougal St. New York NY 10012 212-475-3850 Blue Collar 160 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn NY 11211 347-725-3837 Costata 206 Spring St. New York NY 10012 212-334-3320 Lafayette 380 Lafayette St. New York NY 10003 212-533-3000 Montmartre 158 8th Ave. New York NY 10011 646-596-8838 J.G. Melon 1291 3rd Ave. New York NY 10021 212-744-0585 Rosette 171 E Broadway New York NY 10002 212-933-1176 Petey's Burger 30-17 30th Ave, Astoria NY 11102 718-267-6300 Diner 85 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11249 718-486-3077


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