The Tartine Manufactory Just Opened

Bow down to San Francisco's bread mecca
Photo: Courtesy of Tartine

The time has finally come: The Tartine Manufactory has opened in San Francisco, and it looks like everything we could have hoped for and more. Then again, we expected nothing less from Tartine Bakery co-owners Chad Robertson and Liz Prueitt.

A 6,000-foot playland for carb enthusiasts, the long-awaited bread mecca is as visually stunning as it is hunger-inducing. With ovens shipped all the way from Germany and mixers made for panettone, the Manufactory’s head baker, Richard Hart, says the facility is equipped with the “Rolls Royce of everything.” They’ll be churning out bread all day long—not just in the morning like the other Tartine locations—so expect to be intoxicated by the scent of fresh loaves no matter what time you visit. You’ll also be able to watch the artisans at work. Vinny Eng, director of operations, tells Eater SF:

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"Part of the experience and part of the joy that comes with supporting an artisan is seeing the artisan. Part of it in this space is to try to make more of our process open to our guests. What Chad and Liz really wanted to do, and what this space really affords us, is the opportunity to find more ways to humanize the work."

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Beyond the bread, there will be an ice cream stand called Tartine Cookies and Cream, as well as a coffee shop and restaurant. Right now the Manufactory is only open for breakfast and lunch, but dinner service will roll out shortly.


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