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It's almost impossible to have a bad meal in San Francisco. The concentration of talent is so dense, and the ingredients from farms and producers so good, that both cooks and diners can—and regularly do—demand high quality. In fact, San Franciscans pride themselves on being obsessive about food. Restaurants are our baseball—and chefs like Nancy Oakes at Boulevard or Craig Stoll at Delfina our starting pitchers. In this guide you'll find classic restaurants and new, California cuisine in the Alice Waters model and California cuisine in shades of Mexican, Chinese and Crazily Imaginative. Want to know what the menu will look like before you sit down for dinner? Just visit the nearest farmers' market and you'll see.


Seafood Cioppino

Tadich Grill

Craig Stoll

Chef and owner of Delfina

"I try to get people to Swan Oyster Depot. It's always a favorite. Dungeness crab is practically the logo for the city." 

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