Barack Obama Knows How to Pick a Great Restaurant in NYC

The former POTUS grabbed a meal at Gramercy Tavern
Find Out Where Obama Is Eating in NYC Today
Photo: DVIDSHUB via Flickr

Barack Obama is back from vacation and up to his old dining antics. The former president was spotted having Italian food last night at A-lister favorite Emilio's Ballato, just a few feet away from Estela, where he and Michelle ate in 2014.

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This time, it was just the former president and his eldest daughter, Malia, who is in town interning for Harvey Weinstein's company. The pair posed with chef Emilio Vitolo and his team.

Today, he was spotted outside of Danny Meyer's legendary Gramercy Tavern, where he ate lunch in the private dining room, according to an Instagrammer who captured a photo of him. Last September, he and Michelle grabbed a meal just around the block at Mexican stunner Cosme.


The best photo of the most incredible man. What a moment! #obamacares

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While living in the White House, the Obamas, particularly the First Lady, periodically slipped out for meals at some of D.C.'s best restaurants, like Aaron Silverman's Rose's Luxury—a tradition that seems likely to continue. 


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