POTUS and FLOTUS Feast on Carnitas at Cosme

The first couple stopped for a meal at NYC's best Mexican restaurant
Barack and Michelle Obama
Photo: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

Amid meetings, speeches and the opening of the 71st UN General Assembly, the POTUS managed to grab a meal at one of New York’s best Mexican restaurants, Enrique Olvera’s perennially packed Cosme.

A ticket from the night shows that the table of six, which included the FLOTUS, ordered a number of the dishes the restaurant is known for, including the rich duck carnitas cooked in Mexican Coke, a ball of burrata “in the weeds” and a round of tuna tostadas. The only thing missing from the ticket is an order of the famed corn husk meringue and mousse—which was hopefully simply sent out.
A Copy of the Obama's Order Ticket
The Obamas are no strangers to New York’s hotter restaurants; two years ago they dined at Ignacio Mattos’s Soho restaurant, Estela, where jeans, not jackets, are the attire of choice for most.
The Burrata at Cosme | Photo: Tasting Table
As for the Cosme team, this isn’t their only big event this fall. Their new, more casual spot, Atla, in Noho should make an appearance come November.


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