Google Now Shows the Wait Times for Restaurants

You'll never have to stand in line for brunch again
Google Wait Times for Restaurants
Balthazar in New York City | Photo: Tasting Table

NYC might be one of the only places where it's acceptable to wait three hours for raw cookie dough, but thanks to Google's newest feature, you'll be able to try the city's latest eats—without standing in line.

The latest addition to Google Maps' Popular Times feature will show you not only how crowded your favorite restaurant is, but how long you can expect to wait for a table, using historical data and patterns of previous customer visits. You can even browse the estimated wait times for any hour of the day, so deciding when you should really be leaving to grab a Cronut has never been easier.

As of now, the update has listings for almost a million restaurants around the world, though Google expects to expand the feature to grocery stores—yes, including Trader Joe's—as well.


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