7 Easter Treats That Go Beyond Grocery Store Candy

Think outside the basket
Best Easter Desserts 2018
Photos: Galdo Photo, Neal Santos

Foil-wrapped chocolates are fun and all, but we guarantee they're even more fun when they're half off at the grocery store next week. Skip the normal Easter basket situation this year and opt for one of these expertly made sweets from pastry chefs around the country.

Panettone from Walnut Street Cafe

(Philadelphia, PA)

If you thought panettone was only a Christmas thing, you're wrong. Or in a way, you're right, because one bite of Melissa Weller's dove-shaped strawberry and pistachio panettone will have it feeling like Christmas in April. While you're at it, you'd be remiss not to add on her infamous spiced hot cross buns to your order, solving Easter breakfast in one swift move. 

Mallomars from Lafayette

(New York, NY)

Pastry chef Tyler Atwell is making bunny-shaped coconut treats and homemade Mallomars for New Yorkers to add to their Easter spread. He's also in the business of creating one-of-a-kind hand-painted eggs.


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Brunch at L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon

(New York, NY)

If you're going to spring for an NYC restaurant brunch, make it one of Robuchon's New York spots (LE GRILL will be offering the same special). Two menu additions join the already-excellent fine dining menu, including La Carotte, a carrot cake number with cream cheese chantilly, and coconut sorbet.

Eggs at Travelle Kitchen + Bar

(Chicago, IL)

OK, so you can't actually eat these, but it's worth a pilgrimage to The Langham to see the eggy spectacle pastry chef Scott Green puts on every year. The 2018 edition includes a dragon-like egg as a nod to Game of Thrones, which is his personal favorite. And while you're there, you might as well plan to be at the massive Easter celebration brunch.

Lamb at Booth One

(Chicago, IL)

The newly opened, revamped classic is doing its first Easter in style, complete with a Prosecco mimosa bar, slow-roasted leg of lamb and pastry chef Andrea Coté's adorable homemade Peeps.

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Sunny Pops from Egg Shop

(New York, NY)

Think egg-shaped lollipop, and a stick topped with some kind of oval sugar creation comes to mind. Not at the all-egg-everything restaurant in NYC though, where the mind-set is more fried and less hard-boiled, and the house-made white chocolate Sunny Pops are topped with black pepper, sea salt and ground chile pepper. Send an email to info@eggshopnyc.com to place an order for pickup.

Verrines from B. Patisserie

(San Francisco, CA)

Baking master Belinda Leong has created a special Easter selection of her many-layered verrines. Flavors include passion fruit banana caramel, blueberry vanilla, and chocolate and cream—and each comes tied with a ribbon and topped with a candy chick.


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  • Pastry chef Scott Green's intricate sugar eggs. 

    Photo: Galdo Photo

  • Green's Game of Thrones-themed egg.

    Photo: Galdo Photo

  • Easter panettone and hot cross buns from Melissa Weller.

    Photo: Neal Santos

  • Carrot cake with cream cheese chantilly and coconut sorbet at L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon.

    Photo: L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon

  • Pastry chef Andrea Cote's homemade marshmallow Peeps from Booth One in Chicago. 

    Photo: Booth One

  • Egg-shaped chocolate lollipops from NYC's Egg Shop. 

    Photo: Egg Shop

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