Krispy Kreme Just Hatched a New Reese's Egg Doughnut

And it is just the beginning of the chain's new flavors
Krispy Kreme Reese's Doughnut
Photo: Krispy Kreme 

The home of that Hot Now neon sign, Krispy Kreme is ready for the Easter holiday with its new doughnut collaboration. The chain has teamed up with Reese's to release a limited-edition peanut butter Kreme-filled doughnut with chocolate glaze, Food & Wine reports.

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The two brands have collaborated in the past with a similar doughnut. But that one didn't have the Easter bunny-worthy colorful icing design on top, and this new release is clearly just another way you can get your fix of Reese's limited Easter egg-shaped confections.

In addition to the Reese's doughnut, which is available now, Krispy Kreme announced that its new fan-elected flavor, lemon glaze, will be available April 23 to 29.

And it's not stopping there. The company teased two new flavors in a recent press release, which it says are inspired by America's most popular cookies.


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