Knife Man Is the Seasoning Meme You'll Actually Be Impressed By

Step aside, Salt Bae
Knife Man Cumali Adıgüzel Is the New Salt Bae
Photo: Salezi via Facebook

Bouncing salt off a muscled forearm? Consider that a form of amateur hour now that Cumali Adıgüzel, better known as Knife Man, is about to take over your social media feeds.

At Sazeli, a Turkish steakhouse in Qatar, the chef at first look seems like just another Salt Bae knockoff—until he whips out the two massive knives hiding in his hilt. Watch his acrobatic (and anxiety-inducing) knife twirling below. 

Adıgüzel, whose handlebar moustache rivals Salt Bae's long, flowing locks, even finishes the show with his own seasoning flourish, bouncing salt off the blade of his impressive butcher's knife.


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And if history is any indication, all it takes is a few memes before your steakhouse makes a stateside debut.


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