Alton Brown to Host 'Iron Chef' Reboot in 2017

Get ready for a whole lot of the quirky cook
Iron Chef Is Making a Comeback in 2017
Photo: Courtesy of Food Network

Someone better hook Alton Brown up to a caffeine IV. The mad scientist/TV host, who just finished a stint on Broadway with his show Eat Your Science, will return to Kitchen Stadium next year when Food Network reboots the American version of the show. Dubbed Iron Chef Gauntlet, the series will start filming early next year and air sometime in the spring, Variety reports. There’s no word yet on which chefs will have to put their honor and skills on the line at the gauntlet, but Iron Chef has always hosted some of the biggest names in food TV, so hopefully this iteration will keep up that tradition.

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This isn’t Brown’s only project next year. He’s working on a web series sequel to Good Eats and planning a late-night variety show inspired by The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour and the original Tonight Show. In short: There will be a whole lotta Brown in 2017.


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