8 Chefs Who Won Halloween with Their Stellar Costumes

Because top chefs deserve to go trick-or-treating, too
Chef Halloween Costumes You Need to See
Photos: @curtisstone, @carlaphall via Instagram

Halloween night has come and gone, but the spooky memories, hoards of candy and fake blood stains in your clothes will last for weeks. Plus, you'll always have that costume you spent $50 on looming in the back of your closet.

While you were out there getting in on the Halloween action, some of your favorite chefs took a night off from the kitchen to grab some candy of their own. Of course, they couldn't just don any old chef's coat for the occasion. These 8 chefs took their costume game to the next level, from a perfectly mustachioed Carla Hall as Colonel Sanders to a very dapper Curtis Stone-turned-Anderson Cooper to the perfection of Alon Shaya dressed as scallions. (Honorable mention to Bryan Voltaggio's son for dressing as the infamous poo emoji.)

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Enjoy the best of the best chef costumes of 2016 and, of course, start taking notes for next year.



Happy Halloween from the NEW Colonel Sanders! Suit by #clavonlittle

A photo posted by Carla Hall (@carlaphall) on



�� Nurse Martha will see you now! #halloween #costumeideas �: @bydaisymakeup

A photo posted by Martha Stewart (@marthastewart) on



yoda, jewbacca, and ewok fail into hipster. Not pictured is a bike with no brakes #squad

A photo posted by Michael Solomonov (@mikesolomonov) on



Forge Halloween Party. Guess who I am?

A photo posted by Marc Forgione (@marcforgione) on



Red bean crew @emilyruthos @brentlrosen @carolinenrosen @rmaisel #happyhalloween

A photo posted by Chef Alon Shaya (@alonshaya) on



Happy Halloween everyone!!! #cruellaburrella #cutthroatkitchen

A photo posted by @chefanneburrell on



Have a beary #scary #happyhalloween

A photo posted by Michael Voltaggio (@mvoltaggio) on



My boy is ready to tear this #� up #hallowen #�

A photo posted by Bryan Voltaggio (@bryanvoltaggio) on


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