How to Stop Your Ice Cream Cone from Dripping

There's no room in dessert for sad, sticky fingers
Ice Cream Cone
Photo: Tasting Table

There’s a kitchen gadget for everything—even one for shaping a hamburger into a hot dog. But there’s no tool for preventing the saddest situation of all: the inevitable ice cream drip through the small hole at the bottom of a cone. There’s no need, though, for one-trick tools—the solution is likely already on hand.

Plant a mini marshmallow in the tip of the cone before adding ice cream.

If you’re not a marshmallow fan, try a spoonful of peanut butter or a gummy bear. If you’re more on the chocolate end of the spectrum, use a piece of brownie or make a small pile of M&M’s.

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Even Dominique Ansel knows how important it is to plug the bottom of the cone for insurance—because wasted ice cream is practically a crime.


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