7 Recipes That Are Perfect for Oktoberfest

Keep calm and prost on with these German-inspired dishes
Oktoberfest Soft Pretzel
Photo: Tasting Table

The 183rd Oktoberfest festivities kicked off this weekend around the world, which means beer will be flowing steadily for the next sixteen days as we celebrate all things German. (Though the name might imply otherwise, Oktoberfest traditionally takes place at the end of September, running over into the beginning of October.)

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If you’re not able to catch the next plane to Munich, we’ve compiled a roundup of seven recipes to help bring the celebrations to you. So pour yourself a big ‘ol stein and get into the Oktoberfest spirit.

① Beer Bread

② Choucroute Garnie (Alsatian Pork and Sauerkraut Stew)

③ Bockwursts with Spicy Radish Relish

④ Soft Pretzels

⑤ Pork Schnitzel with Slow-Braised Cabbage and Paprika-Cream Sauce

⑥ Sandor Katz's Sauerkraut

⑦ Braised Brisket with Porcini Mushrooms


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