The New Instant Pot Max Is Being Released This Spring

Everyone's favorite kitchen gadget is getting an upgrade
New Instant Pot Max
Photo: Instant Pot

Everyone's favorite seven-in-one kitchen gadget is adding an eighth skill to its repertoire. According to The Kitchn, a new Instant Pot, called the Instant Pot Max, is being released later this spring and will feature a new canning function. So, yes, in addition to pressure cooking, sautéing, steaming and slow cooking, the Instant Pot will now have enough power to go up to the 15 PSI needed for safe, at-home preservation.

In addition to the canning ability, the Max will also include an automatic stirrer (for making risotto even that much easier, of course), more venting options and a larger, easy-to-read touch screen.

As of now, the Instant Pot Max is slated to come in solely the six-quart size, with a release date of around May or June—just in time for us to practice our canning skills with summer produce.


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