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The best way to peel ginger
Ginger Root
Photo: Mattie Hagedorn via Flickr

Thanks to ginger's uneven shape, the root's thin skin can be difficult to remove. Knobs get in the way, making peeling with a knife a tedious task that often results in hacking away much of the ginger itself. Vegetable peelers get ruled out as well for this reason. So what's a ginger lover to do? Luckily, we have a better way to remove the skin.

The best way to peel ginger is to use a spoon.

Gif: YouTube/GourmetMagazine

Simply use the edge of the spoon to scrape the root, and the skin will flake away. Because you're not going at the thing with a sharp knife, the ginger itself will remain intact.

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If you're already privy to this hack, we hope it has served you well in times of Moscow Mules and carrot ginger dressing. If this trick is news to you, once you master the spoon method, you'll never look back.


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